Lay Pastoral Visitor Orientation

The initial six-hour orientation for volunteers covers:

  • Exploring the different skills required for effective listening
  • Opportunities for sharing experience and ideas about good practice in pastoral visiting
  • Careful consideration of important issues relating to safe pastoral care, trust and confidentiality
  • An understanding of the place of pastoral lay ministry within the wider life and mission of the church
  • An appreciation of what is distinctive about Christians involved in pastoral care

The training may be done in person or by viewing the videos below.

Orientation Videos

Orientation Feedback

Please provide your feedback on the orientation training by completing the evaluation form (Word document).

Application Process

Before commencing work as a lay pastoral visitor, prospective volunteers must complete the application form.

References and Background Check

 In addition to the application form, all volunteer applicants must supply two personal or professional letters or reference as well as the report of a criminal record check.


Volunteer applicants must acknowledge on their application form that they have reviewed and accept the following sexual misconduct policy documents:


Upon receipt of a completed application, the Lay Pastoral Volunteer Coordinator will schedule a face-to-face interview with the applicant to discuss their suitability for the position, expectations, and responsibilities of the role.

Ongoing Supervision and Support

All volunteers will report on their activities to the St Hermione Lay Pastoral Volunteer Coordinator who will supervise and support the volunteers in their ministry. Regular group meetings will be held for volunteers to share their experiences and learn from one another.

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