Activities and Responsibilities of a Lay Pastoral Visitor

Lay Pastoral Volunteers are Orthodox Christian volunteers who undertake the following activities and responsibilities:

  • To visit people at their request and as arranged through the St Hermione Lay Pastoral Visitor Coordinator
  • To work in pairs or in a group at all times
  • To check schedules and be sure to notify the coordinator in case of scheduling conflict
  • To actively seek information from the coordinator regarding new homebound and institutionalised parishioners and their special need
  • To pray in preparation for a meaningful visit
  • To visit with the principal goal of listening and accompanying people in their situation, including their suffering and loneliness
  • To remind people that the church cares about them and give them a sense of belonging to the community
  • At the comfort level of those visited, to engage in friendly and personal conversation, to read to them, including from the scriptures or prayers of the church
  • Before departing, attempt to address basic needs met as appropriate and within scope of lay pastoral role such as having glass of water, phone in reach, comfortable temperature, family notified of end of visit—or if unable to address the need, to communicate with an appropriate person
  • To have necessary transportation for visits
  • To bring to the attention of the coordinator any matters related to changes in health and/or spiritual needs of those visited
  • To observe confidentiality with private matters of those who are visited
  • To keep a record of all visits (including dates and times) to be given to the coordinator

O Almighty God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray to you for your servant whose sickness is bringing him/her to the end of his/her earthly life. You are the God whose only-begotten Son taught us that not even the smallest sparrow can fall without your knowledge, and that you hold all creation in your merciful arms. Look upon your servant and allow this illness to be for the death only of those things which are the result of evil and sin. Let his/her thoughts be quieted with the peace and confidence of his/her final deliverance into the fullness of tour love. Keep his/her soul and body pure, and sanctify them during the time he/she remains among us, that on the last day he/she maybe raised up with all your saints to live with you in never-ending glory. For to you belong praise and worship, to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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