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Are you or is someone you know housebound, in hospital, a hospice or nursing home within the greater Toronto area, and unable to get to church because of ill health, disability or changed circumstances? Visits from the Saint Hermione Lay Pastoral Visitor team can offer companionship, support and a listening ear.

You can add your own or others’ names to the visiting list by filling in the form below. The Lay Pastoral Visitor coordinator will get in touch with you and your parish priest to coordinate an initial visit and a subsequent visiting schedule that is convenient to you.

Please enter as many of the details in the form as you can.

O Lord Jesus Christ, our God and our Saviour, for our sake you were born; and for our sake you were hungry and thirsty; for our sake you were mocked, scourged and crowned with thorns; for our sake you suffered and died on the cross, offering up your divine life for our salvation: as you now grant your servant to share in your sufferings, grant him/her also to share in your grace. May your wounds heal the wounds of his/her sins. May your precious blood wash away the stains of his/her sins. May your divine righteousness purge from him/her every iniquity. Look upon his/her faith in you, and the faith of us who pray, and do what is best for him/her according to your mercy, rather than our merit. As sickness increases in him/her, so likewise increase in him/her your power and strength. Let not his/her faith waver or his/her hope fail, or his/her love grow cold. Let not the fear of suffering and death cause him/her to cast away his/her hope in you, or to lose courage and the will to fight every sickness and sin. Let him/her rather look always to you even to the very end, and cry out, as you yourself cried from the cross to God the Father: “Into your hands, good Father, I commend my spirit.” Bless him/her to enter your everlasting kingdom,where all the saints continually shine with your divine glory. For you have suffered that we might be healed, and have died that we might live, and we send up thanksgiving and praise to you, to the Father who sent you, and to your most Holy Spirit, who strengthens us to share your passion, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.
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